Frequently Asked Questions

What is Google Maps Views?
The same Google Street View technology that is used for streets around the world, is open for the public. In low image quality it’s possible to use the photosphere option on mobile phones with Android ≥ 4.2 or iOS app “Photo Sphere Camera” and create Google Maps Views. For high end quality it’s possible to use professional photo equipment. A trained expert by Google Maps Business View can enhance the look, feel and usability to a unique and professional marketing tool.

What is Google Maps Business View?
This programm is specifically designed for businesses and offered only by Google Trusted Photographers in a limited number of countries. Currently Google Maps Business View is not available in the United Arab Emirates. For the U.A.E. the Google Maps Views programm is available.

What is Street View?
Street View is a feature of Google, Google Maps and Google Earth, which allows users to explore the world. 360 degree street level

What benefits has it shown on Google Maps as my location and Google Street View?
Your location is displayed on Google search engine, Google Maps and Google+. Millions of users can visit your location from the comfort of their own home or permanent take a look before they visit. In addition, you can manage your business listing and also embed images on your location from Street View on your own website.

What type of sites like Google currently promote?
Google strives to gather interesting for its users. Images of areas Google, for instance interested in zoos, parks, universities, markets, monuments, tourist destinations (just to name a few).

How does Google collect no activity on my site to disrupt images?
If you register your site, we will contact you to discuss how we can collect. Best footage of your location

Who is the footage of my location made​​?
Only a trained and certified by Google photographer to the 360 degree photos of high-quality and publish.

What are the costs?
The price depends on the number of virtual action which is needed to make. A virtual tour of your business You determine which area (s) of your company should be mapped and thus also determine the cost. The cost is approximately equal to an advertisement in a newspaper, but the Google virtual tour then continues indefinitely visible through Google Search Engine, Google Maps and Google+. The agreement also provided that, moreover, the images made ​​your property in exchange for your approval and payment.

How long does a photo shoot?
Typically, it takes a photo session between 1 and 2 hours. Ultimately, the duration depends on the size of your business and how extensive you want your business. Screen

Can I apply several photo sessions?
Yes, you can repeatedly apply for a new photo shoot as you want. Companies with interior modifications or seasonal changes can thus ensure that the material remains current.

Upsets the shoot my business?
Trusted photographers work as much as possible according to your schedule at a certain time you have, so you can just stay open. Although photo sessions for most people are not disturbing, it’s a good idea to inquire so they can avoid to come. The pictures as much as possible your visitors

How does Google ensure that privacy is protected and fulfilled? With legal regulations
Google Maps and Street View images as little as possible from what you see when you take a physical site visit. Google has the most modern technology for making faces and license plates unrecognizable developed to protect privacy. Users This technology is all Street View imagery is used and provides accessible tools that users can do to make images. Showing the user, his or her family, car or home is also an unrecognizable request Users can also request the removal of images.

Can I remove my imagery applications on Google?
As with Street View imagery, the ‘Report a problem’ and ‘Report inappropriate photo owners and users are able to ask. Removal of images to

I have the order form completed and submitted but have not heard anything. What should I do?
Due to the popularity of the program, it can take several days before any contact is made with you. In that conversation, the options are explained, and you can specify the desired date (s) for the photo shoot. We do our best to handle as many requests as quickly as possible and try to respond as soon as possible and contact you to publish your footage.